To preview your FCW experience, sign up for a 15 minute pre-session consultation here.

Your $50 consultation fee will be applied against your first full session.

Individual one-on-one Consultations.

Andrea works with clients all over the world for evaluations, consultations and profound self-exploration.  Sessions are typically 1 hour and offer substantive, sustainable healing.


Couples Consultations:

This work offers profound exploration for 2 people, and results in safe, effective ease in communication, with the goal of connection and clarity.  Sessions are typically 90 minutes, with timing dictated by the needs of the couple.

*Couples work can also be 2 family members, friends, co-workers…any group of people who want a deeper connection with each other.

Andrea also offers group sessions for family members.  Parenting is included, without the need for the presence of children.


Group Work:

Andrea offers ateliers and workshops, often in conjunction with a meditation center, yoga studio, Gabrielle 5Rhythm Dance workshop, or organizations that want a shared experience for staff members.

Short sessions for each participant as part of the group lead to deeper understanding between group members and more support for individual and shared goals.


Staff Trainings:

Andrea provides consulting services on an on-going basis for forward-thinking companies committed to the well-being of employees, and for educators training staff and teachers.

Andrea offers on-site group work, with follow-up for individual staff as requested.


The Grand Immersion:  Urban Retreat

Andrea offers exclusive, in-depth, on-site immersions and urban retreat for individuals, couples and small groups who are ready for a rapid, life-altering experience.  

For clients who are want to identify their particular calling, reason for being, and code of life-conduct, this multi-resourced experience will catalyze desired results.

If your goal is to look in the mirror at the end of every day and say “I did right by you…and everybody I came in contact with,” this work will articulate what your life purpose means for you.

*Immersions are customized and range from 2 - 4 days, with exclusive attention to your needs.  

This opportunity is offered to clients who are familiar with family constellation work.