Family Constellation Work

Andrea Davis is an intuitive facilitator of Family Constellation Work.  She has consulted internationally with individual clients, couples, groups, staff trainings, and meditation centers, including Spirit Rock, InsightLA, Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, and RA MA Institute.  

Andrea’s work is used by psychotherapists, medical doctors, and meditation teachers to maximize the healing benefits their clients receive in their on-going therapeutic processes.  She is also a longtime facilitator of Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Dance.  Andrea received her BA from Boston University and MFA from University of Southern California and began her professional Family Constellation Work practice in 2001.

What is Family Constellation Work?

Family Constellation Work is a unique and brilliant accessing of the deepest, often unconscious structure of your important relationships—family, work, life purpose, and most profoundly yourself—and how these connections influence and shape who you are and how you approach life.

It isn’t psychotherapy, hypnosis or a psychic reading. There's no patient lying on a couch explaining ‘he said…she said.’  Psychotherapy has tremendous value in rethinking the past and observing how it affects who you are today. However, insights learned in this fashion can take years and are colored by your remembrance of them as you reflect them to a therapist.  This is why many healing professionals refer their patients for Family Constellation Work.  FCW goes far beyond the ego and conscious mind, illuminating your intuitive sense of things.  There is profound validation of your own deepest knowing.  

At the beginning of each session, you are “centered” or relaxed in a way that allows you to best articulate your goals, inner longings and desired outcome.  The facilitator then illuminates the soul of the situation, allowing all aspects of it to emerge. You will experience your life in a profoundly truthful way. The answers you seek will be revealed, leading to a course of action that is bright, somatic and unstuck.  The clarity and wisdom about your life path now comes from a part of you that was previously outside of awareness.

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Family Constellation Work