About Andrea

Andrea Davis is an intuitive facilitator of Family Constellation Work.  She

has shared this work internationally with individual clients, couples and meditation centers, including Spirit Rock, InsightLA, Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, and RA MA Institute.  

Andrea’s work is used by psychotherapists, medical doctors, and meditation teachers to maximize the healing benefits their clients receive in their on-going therapeutic processes.  She is also a longtime facilitator of Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms Dance.  

Andrea received her BA and MFA from UCLA, and began her professional Family Constellation Work practice in 2001.

Andrea splits her time between Venice, CA and Paris, France.  She is available for private consultations, group sessions, staff training, and special events.  Andrea facilitates sessions in person, or by video, and consults extensively both in Europe and the US.  Sessions are conducted in English, or with an interpreter.

Andrea's Story

My career as a healer began with the absolute commitment to live as fully I was capable of, exploring all aspects of my talents, desires, and opportunities.  No matter my education, or what I had been self-programmed to want to achieve, I knew there had to be more.

I was already a veteran of years of therapy, but still prone to bouts of sadness and the feeling that I wasn’t fulfilling the deeper longings of my soul.  I kept trying what I hoped would be the right miracle cure, workshop, or shaman who could lead me to the next step.  Still, significant change didn’t occur.

Finally, I resolved to live as I was, which to the outside eye appeared to be an accomplished life, rather than disappoint myself further.  At this point, my ex-therapist, a man I hadn’t spoken to in years, called me with a proposal.  

He wanted me to experience ‘Family Constellation Work’, facilitated by a protégé of its founder, Dr. Bert Hellinger, a renowned German psychotherapist.

The session was profound and beyond explanation.  In one hour, long-standing, seemingly unsolvable issues were rooted out, as well as pain I carried for my family.  “Is it always this way?” I asked.  The answer was, and has continued to be ‘yes.’  The work unerringly goes to the heart of a problem, far beyond a person’s ability to articulate it.

The insights gained are immediate and lead to lasting change.   As my teacher told me, I do this work because it works.  If there turns out to be something better, I will do that instead.  Family Constellation Work is a transport system that allows me to help people get where they want to go, by connecting them to their own intuition.

I found that it was my gift to facilitate this level of healing in others.