Meet DSH's Panel of Judges:

Claire Trauth - Art Educator

Jessie Trauth - Professional

Dancer/Singer/Actress, and Entrepreneur

Gino Bloomberg - Professional Dancer/Singer/Actor

Rachel Carlson - Educator

Rosie Sharkey - Professional Dancer,

Yoga Teacher, Film Maker

DSH is pleased to announce its scholarship winners for 2020.

1st place:  Twlilight Sherman

2nd place:  Miles Schmidt

3rd place:  Paul VandenBranden

Honorable Mention:  Kaelyn Gray

Scholarship applicants were asked to provide an essay and other materials commonly required for a dance career, such as photos and a dance resumé.  Entries were evaluated by our panel of judges comprised of educators and professional performers. All three winners will receive a cash award.


Twilight Sherman

Miles Schmidt

Paul VandenBranden

Kaelyn Gray